WMM Growth was founded in 2019 by Matt Koulas. The business was started with the sole focus of adding value to other businesses and focusing on the recommendations and activities that matter most and drive the greatest value. WMM actually stands for, what matters most.

Having worked as an in-house SEO for my entire career, I’ve experienced the pros and cons of dealing with SEO and growth agencies first-hand. I’ve also heard the story many times from other marketers as to why they’re unsatisfied with agencies, feel out of the loop, like they’re not getting their monies worth, and so on. I decided I wanted to help a wider range of companies, and do so while alleviating the common challenges faced.

I also wanted to keep in perspective the work-life balance aspect that I’ve coached my previous colleagues and team members on throughout my career. And to that end, WMM Growth has a duality of meanings — both focusing on what matters most from a marketing and productivity perspective for clients, but also keeping in perspective what matters most to myself and my loved ones. The human element is an important component to everything about WMM Growth – both for our clients and how we work with them, but also for the team at WMM.